May 6, 2014

New Album Coming Soon!

So, here’s my shiny new website and i’m pretty excited to be able to say my shiny new album is going to be released very soon by the wonderful Specialist Subject Records. This makes me very happy indeed, especially as I’ve been talking about it for quite some time now.

Penny Arcade by Helen Chambers

Artwork by Emma Smith

‘Penny Arcade’ was recorded over a couple of long, fun filled weekends in Liverpool by Paul Abbott. He’s awesome. And Morgan Brown. He’s awesome too. And the sweet vocal talents of El Morgan, Kelly Kemp and Chuck Ragan put the icing on the cake, plus additional bass, piano, percussion and guitar provided beautifully by Joe Ginsberg, Paul Abbott, Jim Fitzpatrick and Morgan Brown respectively.

I have happy memories of recording this album. Mainly tea, beer, amazing food, even more amazing friends and, most importantly, some damn enjoyable music making.

You can pre-order the album here… Specialist Subject Records