September 25, 2014

Live Review – The Ruckus

“…The beautifully intimate city centre haunt, a regular home to hipsters, dandies and beer lovers alike, not only played host to the night’s headliners but one of the UKs finest singer/songwriters too. Yorkshire-based songstress Helen Chambers is a regular around these parts and her dulcet tones and down to earth British take on Americana had the crowd hooked from the beginning. Seriously, you could’ve heard a pin drop in that venue as the audience was stunned into silence by Helen’s beautiful vocal on the likes of ‘Paper And Glue’ and the vivid ‘Veronica Pearl’. More upbeat tracks like, beer soaked country song, ‘Kiss The Floorboards’ and, nomadic anthem, ‘Caravan’ only helped get the crowd on Helen’s side, these songs in particular striking a chord with those filling the packed room. As welcome at punk shows as she is here, it’s nice to see a folk-loving audience really take to Helen and her sound – not that I thought for a second that they wouldn’t…”

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